All courses are offered for three credits except where otherwise noted. For complete descriptions, please see the K.

This course is equivalent to the first half of Math Syllabus.

Undergraduate Courses

This course is equivalent to the the second half of MATH This is a traditional college algebra course. It is equivalent to the pair of courses MATH and This course may not be taken for credit by students who have successfully completed MATH, or any calculus course. Corequisite: Math or Syllabu s. Life Contingencies Syllabus. Life Contingencies, part 2 Syllabus. In this course, which is a continuation of the Fall Maththe theory of differentiation and integration of functions of several variables will be developed rigorously.

Topics will include the inverse and implicit function theorems, Fubini's Theorem, change of variables, and Stokes' Theorem. Semester Schedule. Skip to main content. University of Pittsburgh. Undergraduate Courses All courses are offered for three credits except where otherwise noted.

trofimov pitt

C or better in Math or math placement score at least Math or Mathand one ofor Summer Syllabus Syllabus Semester Schedule.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. When Trofimov speaks, it's hard not hear the voice of Chekhov. He talks about work: "everything that is unattainable now will some day be near at hand and comprehensible, but we must work" 2.

He's concerned with human health: "the vast majority of us…live like savages, fighting and cursing at the slightest opportunity, eating filthily, sleeping in the dirt, in stuffiness, with fleas, stinks, smells, moral filth" 2. He's idealistic: "My soul is always my own; every minute of the day and the night it is filled with unspeakable presentiments. I know that happiness is coming, Anya, I see it already" 2. He is the revolutionary obsessed with the future, while those around him are trapped in the past.

Anya is his follower, and he makes her understand the wider sociopolitical impact of her family's history: Think, Anya, your grandfather, your great-grandfather, and all your ancestors were serf-owners, they owned living souls; and now, doesn't something human look at you from every cherry in the orchard, every leaf and every stalk?

He doesn't side with Lubov or Lopakhin when it comes to the cherry orchard. I think, Ermolai Alexeyevitch, that you're a rich man, and you'll soon be a millionaire.

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Just as the wild beast which eats everything it finds is needed for changes to take place in matter, so you are needed too. Trofimov is intelligent and impassioned, but he's also immature. There's a reason Chekhov calls him the Eternal Student. He's judgmental and unforgiving, and Lubov blames it on his youth: You boldly look forward, isn't it because you cannot foresee or expect anything terrible, because so far life has been hidden from your young eyes?

You are bolder, more honest, deeper than we are, but think only, be just a little magnanimous, and have mercy on me. His pigheadedness earns him some ridicule. After Lubov's scathing assessment at the party her only moment of open cruelty he falls down the stairs.

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Study Guide. Trofimov the Eternal Student Trofimov is intelligent and impassioned, but he's also immature.The course outlines provide detailed breakdowns of the topics each class will cover and the texts and other materials students will need. High school guidance counselors can share what courses are offered at each school.

Сергей Трофимов - Лучшие видеоклипы & Lyrics

This one-credit course provides students the opportunity to learn and utilize academic success strategies necessary for college courses. Because of this interaction, students are strongly encouraged to enroll in a college or AP course as a co-requisite to be taken simultaneously with Right Start.

This course can be taught in one semester. Topics covered include transferrable skills, career research, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing and networking skills, aspects of personal finance and creating successful college applications.

This course is designed to acquaint students with multiple theories and practices associated with effective leadership. In answering the question, "What is leadership? Consideration is given to issues of followership and the many roles we play in life. The class also addresses those leadership and administrative skills and practices usually associated with effective professional management.

This course is an introduction to mass communication, exploring the cultural, technological, and economic history of the media from newspapers to the Internet, the changing relationships between media industries, audiences, and cultures, and the theoretical underpinnings of mass communication research. By combining histories of specific communication forms, and traditional and contemporary theories of communication, the course places contemporary perspectives and issues in conversation with the history of media development and use in order to help students become more critical consumers of the media they experience daily.

This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of research and argument construction. Defense of an argument is presented both verbally and in writing. Topics of this course include an introduction to argument, types of argument, constructing an argument, research methods and evidence, delivery of argument, delivery and refutation of arguments, cross-examination, and evaluation or criticism of arguments.

This is a first course in computer programming. It is recommended for students intending to major in computer science who do not have the required background for Computer Science It also may be of interest to students majoring in one of the social sciences or humanities.

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The focus of the course is on program analysis and the development of algorithms and computer programs in a modern high-level language. Number of Credits: 3 Prerequisites: Two years of high school mathematics and interest in computer science as a major.

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CS is designed to teach students with no programming experience how to analyze and solve problems using the Python programming language version 3. The course begins with an overview of the inner-working of modern computers to illustration tot eh students that computers, while quite intricate, are merely machines. With this in mind, the rest of the course will focus on helping the students learn to use these machines as problem solving tools through the use of Python. The purpose of this course is to provide a basic understanding of the methods and techniques of developing a simple to moderately complex Web site using the standard Web page language XHTML, Dreamweaver or comparable, and JavaScript.

Students also will learn Web site design and layout techniques as well as basic search engine analysis. The objective of this course is introduce students to more advanced implementations of both markup as well as scripting languages, in addition, students will be introduced to a graphical interface application that will allow them to explore concepts of server side web development.

A reflective programming language and database application will be used to introduce the server side web development concepts. The purpose of this course is to introduce the fundamental topics in computer science and improve programming skills with in introduction to programming in Java. This would be a first course for students intending to major in computer science in college.Apr 16 - 27, at Playground Poker Club.

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It links to the player's profile in order to prevent any data errors. Rozvadov, Czech Republic. Nottingham, England. Barcelona, Spain. Kyrenia, Cyprus. Brussels, Belgium. Paradise Island, Bahamas. Prague, Czech Republic. Sochi, Russia. Monte Carlo, Monaco. London, England.Approachable professor. He allows a formula sheet on tests which make them very easy. However, there is no formula sheet on the final which can make for a difficult transition.

Professor in the Mathematics department at University of Pittsburgh. I'm Professor Trofimov Submit a Correction. Professor Trofimov's Top Tags. Tough grader Hilarious Skip class? You won't pass.

trofimov pitt

Flag this rating. Check out Similar Professors in the Mathematics Department 5. Jan 13th, For Credit: Yes. Funny guy, but makes calculus way harder than it needs to be. Even the graduate TAs thought his class was unnecessarily difficult.

trofimov pitt

It's possible that he's a good choice for higher-level math courses, but don't take him for calc 1. Skip class? Hilarious Tough grader. Dec 19th, Tough grader.

Judge Vladimir Trofimov and family beheaded in Ukraine in gruesome massacre

Dec 12th, He has an accent so he can be hard to understand at times. He is a really strict grader and barely gives partial credit. The tests are pretty hard, but he does curve.

I would probably take it with someone else given the option.By Eddie Wrenn for MailOnline. A respected judge - and three members of his family - have been beheaded in a medieval-style massacre in Ukraine. The corpses were left at the scene but the heads of Judge Vladimir Trofimov, his wife Irina, their son Sergei, and the son's partner, Marina Zoueva, are all missing. Police are uncertain what weapon was used - but say it could be a machete, a sword or an axe.

The sinister attack on the family happened on Saturday, as the judge, his year-old wife, year-old son, and his year-old partner, relaxed at home in their apartment in the eastern city of Kharkiv. Vladimir Trofimov is believed to have been killed and then beheaded, along with three other members of his family.

A shocked Ukrainian Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko said that the judge's son was beheaded while still alive, while the others were killed first before being decapitated. They haven't yet been found,' he said. One theory is that the gruesome attack was revenge for a sentence handed down by the year-old judge, who was known for his honesty and bravery. Another theory centres on several antiques, which were also stolen from the flat.

Trifimov was known internationally as a collector of rare coins, World War II medals and china statuettes. Trofimov in the courtroom: Police suggest the murders were motivated either by revenge or theft.

A close relative later found the corpses in the flat. Trifomov was 'a very discreet, peaceful and modest man', said Kharkiv appeals court president Andrei Solokov. He had worked as a magistrate and judge for more than 30 years. Ukraine's Chief Prosecutor Viktor Pshonka arrived in the city to take the case under his personal control.

Ukraine's SBU secret services were also involved in the case. The attack came on a celebration day for judges in Ukraine. The judiciary face extreme pressure in most ex-Soviet countries and often come under pressure to allow powerful criminal gang members to go free despite their guilt.

Their families are often threatened - or they are offered substantial bribes to fix verdicts. Argos AO. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Judge Vladimir Trofimov and family beheaded in Ukraine in gruesome massacre e-mail.

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trofimov pitt

China 'concealed' coronavirus from West and is trying to evade blame, says ex-MI6 chief - as former CabinetTrofimov was descended from a family of Siberian Cossacksexplorers and merchants. His father Pavel Trofimov was a well-known ship-owner; his partners and he decided to restart merchant navigation through the famous Northern Sea Route and fairs in Mangazeya the ancient merchant town. For this purpose in the famous Fridtjof Nansen had been invited to investigate the river basin of the Ob Riverand Pavel Trofimov was among the sponsors of this project.

There were ten children in Trofimov's family, and every one became a well-educated person. He and his friend Ignaty Nivinsky were both recommended for the gold medal.

As there was only one gold medal, the two friends instead were encouraged to travel and teach abroad, and they agreed. A little later Trofimov married Ignaty's sister Vera, a very talented person with abilities in theatre. Trofimov continued his painting education in the private school of Zhukovsky and Halyavin, and travelled extensively in Europe.

In Trofimov started his pedagogical work at his alma mater, then continued as director of one of its branches. From he worked as a painter and as the director of the domestic department of Sudga Zemstvo a form of local government. There his first son, Ignaty, was born. Later the family lived in Moscow for several years and Trofimov taught watercolour painting in private school.

From he was headmaster of the Stroganovka branch in Sergiyev Posad. From to the family lived in Voronezhwhere Trofimov was headmaster of Kolomenkin Art school, another branch of Stroganovka.

The sketch is now kept in the State Historical Museum of Russia. Some paintings from this period of Trofimov's life are kept in the Voronezh Museum of local lore as well. In spite of living in a small town, Trofimov continually took part in many art exhibitions such as All-Russian contests of art trade in Moscow and St.

Petersburg from — and was awarded first prizes. In his painting "Boys Bathers" was sold during the first day of the show in Moscow. At the beginning of Vikentii Trofimov was invited to take part in very interesting work.

Professor Uspenskiy created a Committee of Archeology the predecessor of the Community of Saving of Art Monuments and this Committee invited some painters locals as well as famous painters such as Apollinary Vasnetsov to draw old places of the town in order to save them for the future.

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